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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Sincere Apology to the Judge I Exposed Myself To

Your Honour,
                      This is my sincere (court-ordered by you, sexy) apology for exposing my genitals to you.

But Your Honour, you're a man, a man's man, a man that can make other men gay without being gay yourself, a gay-making man of sex. This is what you are to me, hot-stuff, you hunk of burning, dripping lube.` Before I met you, I had never before thought of another man in a sexual manner, but as soon as I walked into that courtroom preparing to face charges of sexual harassment (which that cop totally had coming, by the way, otherwise he wouldn't have been wearing that sexy uniform),  I couldn't help but notice your sexual power. It was like you'd cast a spell of hot love and magic on my person, and I just had to show you my love.

Or, to me more specific, my genitals.
I know you were shocked, sexypants, but almost certainly not a shocked as I, considering I have never, apart from that one time in K-Mart, exposed myself to another man. You have my hottest, most horny apologies of fucking.I just swore at you, Your Honour.

That's how sorry I really am!

             Aaron 'I just rubbed my boner on this and you;re touching it now, lovepuppy-spunkbubble' Dennis.

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