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Monday, April 18, 2011

Anger Getting The Better of Me (And Why I Hate It When It Happens)

Usually, with this blog, I try my best to be funny. For those unfortunate few that have to suffer through my attempts at humour, it's probably a little disconcerting that I classify that drivel as 'comedy'. And I gotta be honest: I'm just gonna rant. it won't be productive, you won't learn anything, and it'll probably ruin your day. In short, it's everything writing shouldn't be. But I'm still typing, so let's see where this idiocy goes...

This post isn't about humour; it's about anger. And, as stated in the heading, I hate it when anger gets the better of me, because while I will be ranting, the arguments I make will be contradictory and make little sense. So instead of a well-reasoned argument, I just fuckin' VENT.
So what's got my goat? Pretty much everything; the fact that sentences like 'rape used as a weapon of war' do not illicit in us an appropriate response, i.e outraged horror. Instead, when we hear it on the news we may tut and think about donating a pittance to a charity, when really words like 'rape', 'weapon', and 'war' should, on their own, horrify us, let alone when used in the one sentence. The media's constant repetition of these words and phrases dulls their impact immeasurably, meaning we are not being outraged by them as we should. There are things going on in countries in Africa every single day that, compared to the floods in Queensland and the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, are so much worse in terms of violence, bloodshed and pain, both emotional and physical, that they almost, almost pale in comparison. Children boiled to death in oil, children raped in front of their parents, and mutilations inflicted on those that cannot defend themselves or their families, but we do not hear about them because, for reasons beyond my ken, they for some reason do not qualify as news. WHY THE FUCK ARE WE NOT HEARING ABOUT THIS? I think it's because government, and if you don't think the government has some control over the media then I've got a bridge to sell you, doesn't want you to know, because they know that if we were informed of these atrocities through the media we would ask our governments to step in, which they will never do as it would require major expense on their part, for little return. Why save citizens in a dirt-poor country when there's nothing to be gained, in terms of natural resources or strategic land? FUCK YOU, YOU CALLOUS CUNTS!

I'm mad that the working classes are the only social strata that cannot have a voice. As we cannot afford lobbyists to push our agendas, why should we be listened to at all. We're at the bottom of the totem pole, and to get any kind of action we have to first go to someone that will be able to further our agenda, namely the middle class, and if by some miracle they actually listen to us, we have to hope that they will take our cause to the upper crust of Western society. They are loathe to do this, because the high class of politicians and their ilk are always displeased to hear the plight of the working man, as it would mean them acknowledging that there is a working class, and that makes it so much harder for them to ignore us.

And I'm angry because this world, through international politics and finance, has had a system placed upon it, and any deviation from it spells doom for whomever has the guts to do it. CHANGE WILL NEVER, EVER COME. It's too well established, this system, making too many powerful people too much money for it to be altered in any way, so we must all either play by the rules, or be labeled social pariahs because we didn't 'play by the rules'. FUCK YOUR RULES, FUCK YOUR SYSTEM, AND FUUUUUUUUUUCCCK YOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!

Sorry about this incoherent, useless rant, but I was gonna pop if I didn't get it out. I'll try and do something extra funny for my next post. Enjoy your fuckin' day.

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