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Friday, February 4, 2011

Deepest, Darkest Secrets Revealed!

In the early days of the internet, confession websites were pretty popular due to the fact that people felt more comfortable sharing their darkest secrets because nobody knew that their IP addressess could be traced, etc. and I developed a hobby of compiling the best ones I could find. I'd completely forgotten I had these until last night, when I was going through some old data CD's I had and I rediscovered them, so I thought you guys might wanna have a look at 'em. Be warned though; there is some FUCKED UP SHIT here.

(Just a quick note: All these were taken from the site I mention this because I don't want people to be all "Naw, dude's just bullshittin' and this is all stuff the sick fuck made up himself!" so I've provided the link so you can see for your self. Be warned though, over the last few years it's turned into less of a confessions website and more of a "Oh Girl in My Biolgy Class, why don't you know I exist? I've loved you for so long and you won't even look at me. I cut myself every night thinking of you!" -type of place. Anyway, I sifted through and found the hardcore shit just for you, so follow me after the jump!)



*Im an 18 year old guy, I live at home with my mom and 13 year old sister. Sometimes I let my sister perform oral sex on me for practice. And I giver her hints like swallowing so she can maker her boyfriends happy.

*Every year I go to camp Harlow as a councilor and the kids there make me so horny. Every morning I wake up and find that I had a wet dream about the little children.

*When I was about 17 a divorcee called Margaret lived next door. She in good shape for a woman in her early-to-mid 40s. I used wank off as I secretly watched her hang out her laundry in the back yard. She had lovely panties!

One time I came home late at night to find her very drunk and struggling to get into her house. I helped her (coping feels of her tits and ass as I did) and laid her on the sofa.

She passed out, so I went into upstairs and stole underwear (three pairs of panties, pair of stocking and two bras), a leotard (soiled with sweat), a bikini and about £30 in cash.

The I went downstairs and she was still passed out on her front, her skirt riding right up. So I pulled down her panties and sodomised her. I used spit as a lubricant.

For about a week after I kept expecting to be arrested for rape and theft. But I wasn't.

*I wish that someone would just help me end my life.

My wife threw me out, I'm broke, disgusted, and also suffering from a terminal medical condition - I have from 18-24 months to live.

I just want to end it now.

*I told my best freind to kill himself

*I hear my parents at night having sex. there room is above mine and i can hear the bed bouncing up and down really fast. it makes me sick but sometimes horny that i masturbate.

*I have in the past wanted to fuck my mother before. I learned (by snooping around her room and her emails etc) that she wanted to buy a clit massager and had much porn and dildos around. I figured she was lonely and needed a guy, and I kept thinking what if I fucked her? I never did but I also had the same feelings about two of my aunts, both my sisters, and a bunch of cousins etc... I have jacked off constantly to thoughts of fucking them, (though I never have) and feel so terrible and guilty about ever thinking as such. Im just really horny right? God i hope so...

*I masturbate with my sister's electric toothbrush about every night...

*I have problems with guys. Big problems. I like to destroy their souls. Or their wallets. This one guy went completely broke because he spent over a thousand dollars on my cocaine addiction and then he didn't have money for rent. I used to make him cook for me and carry my groceries and run all the other errands I am too lazy to do. He also took care of me when I was quitting coke and couldn't leave my bed. Then I got bored of him. I avoid him like the plague and won't return his phone calls. He's been calling every night for over a month and when I do talk to him, all I say is "I'm with people. Bye." Oh yeah, the guy I dated before him went crazy and had to leave the country.

*I am 23 and I live in england, I work on a farm, one time after I finished work I went into the pig stye and plesured myself and just before I climaxed my sister came into the stye, one thing led to another and we ended up having sex.

*For the last few months my mom's boyfriend has been cheating on her with me. And I love him, and he loves me.

*Since I was nine years old, my male cousin and I have been having sex. I've also had homosexual sex with my best friend. I still do, and I enjoy it.

*Me and my sister lost our virginity to each other.

*This one time I was having sex with my girlfriend and was pounding her hard then she said "This is my first time" then I said "Sorry to burst your bubble" we laughed then I jizzed on her face.

*I stole a retarded kids backpack in high school and threw it in a trash can. When he was fishing it out, I grabbed him by his legs and put him in the trash can, too. That was the happiest day of my life.

*I'm engaged to a female who is in a wheelchair. She can't do anything for herself basically.

She goes to work every week day(teacher) While I sit at home and play Xbox and jack off. I don't work or cook or clean..and I spend all her money on games,weed and other stuff. My day consists of: sleeping till 1pm,jerking off,playing games,she gets home I take care of her for a bit,she goes to sleep at 8pm,I jerk off again and play more games till 3am.

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